Day#206: Financial site review

Day#206: Financial site review

Hey everyone! So yes this title above is slightly mysterious and for good reason I am not labeling the company in this post. Haha you know when I start with this that the post is probably going to be a rant, and no it is not so much a full on rant. To give a bit of a back story, the site i am giving a review for is an investment platform. They have a variety of choices for you to invest in, initially I chose one option and only after months I have realized that I had selected the wrong option. When I called the company their reason was that there were two plans with the exact same name but fell under two different categories, during the user journey I was suppose to select Category A and then I would be redirected to that plan. However in retrospect it made me sense to me, I felt that surely a tag could have slotted with the name so that you knew exactly what you were selecting. The issue with investing, is that a lot of everyday users don’t know what the difference between these types of plans and it needs to be as easy as possible for them to understand and finish the user journey.

I must say though that this was one of the best call centers I have experienced, the staff knew the various products very well and could guide me telephonically but how tricky is a platform when as the user I need telephonic guidance through the process. I think the information architecture needs to be arranged in a way that does not leave room for doubt with users, card sorting activities can help with seeing how users understand content. Having usability testing with clear briefed goals and watching users as they achieve and don’t achieve those goals will help the company understand how they can make the user journey simpler for users instead of the more overly complicated process it currently is. The irony is that this company is particularly known for being better with being able to do everything online.

Apparently a lot of other investment companies have even worse processes in place where users still have to submit PDF forms for approval of transactions. All in all I will probably stay with this company, the idea of investing often makes you a loyal supporter of the company because with the investment I have currently I can only have up until X in that account for legal reasons etc. If I had to move my money I would not be able to reinvest that same amount and gain on the same amount of returns. Don’t ask me too many details, I have a bit more knowledge on this matter, but really not enough. Anyway even though they have loyal users of the product, it doesn’t stop them from improving the general user journey and information architecture, happy researching until next time!

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