Day#208: Breaking habits in the holidays

Day#208: Breaking habits in the holidays

Hey everyone! Wow it has been difficult to keep up with posting daily recently, I would like to blame it on external circumstances but the truth is that it is I have been lazy of late and have been distracted with working on the content for the YouTube Channel. I have been working on topics and bullet points for when I start recording but I noticed not wanting to actually record and i think this is because I am nervous about recording, about it being terrible and realizing that this was not the best decision. I am being so brutally honest because these are issues we all face, we procrastinate on things that will be good for our future because we are worried about the outcome.

Initially you will have to push yourself and force yourself to keep trying and work on creating that thing you want to create. I remember before I started the blog I was so worried about people reading the blog and being caught out for saying something that was incorrect etc. We are all on a journey of learning and I have made sure to share all references for my work along the way on the blog and also been sure to state when a proposed method or idea was my own concocted notion instead of a best practise. I think fighting your urge to sit on the couch is the first step and it will be very difficult but there will be many very difficult steps along the way and it will take working hard at every step in the journey to reach your goals whatever they may be. I always wanted to do a blog, and am so glad I decided to take the plunge in the beginning I didn’t burden myself with coming up with every single title of all the posts, take your goals one day at a time by putting in a little effort everyday you will get there and much faster than a lot of people who simply sit back and wait for opportunities to come to them. Check out Mel Robbins above, she is a motivational speaker and she speaks about how we procrastinate and how you can avoid it for success in your future.

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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