Day#210: The Net Promoter Score

Day#210: The Net Promoter Score

Hey everyone! I thought for today I would chat about the Net promoter Score. This is a wonderful method for measuring data from users. I will break down below the meaning of the Net Promoter Score, and the way it is used to find quantitative data on users for improving on the business product.

What is the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is when a company has a 1 – 10 score of points that they ask users to rate them with, 0 being bad and 10 being the best. I have had many companies email me after I committed to their product, the Net Promoter Score is then split into various categories which will be discussed below.

How the point choices are separated

The most common question that I have received, where the Net Promoter Score is used would have to be the “Would you recommend this brand to friends and family?” People can answer with points 0 – 10 and below is how they are then separated into categories which is then assessed by the company.

0 – 6: Detractors

Detractors will not promote your brand to others

7 – 8 Passives

Interestingly enough passives are not highly recognized for promoting your brand either. I would have personally considered the 7 – 8 as a good sign however in the general theory they are considered passive users of the brand and will generally not promote the brand to others.

9 – 10 Promoters

Promoters are your gold, they will promote the brand in all its glory to other users.

The equation used to understand the theory above is best explained in the video below, enjoy!

I would say from a personal perspective there were brands I absolutely loved but did not give the full 9 – 10 points which would define me as a promoter, companies have to generalise in their methods of finding a consensus though. I really enjoyed understanding the behind the scenes of this quantitative research method and will be using it in the future now that I know how I can make it work within an organisation. It’s lovely to learn something new and never feel inadequate or insecure because you learnt something later than someone else. Looking forward to sharing many more interesting theories and best practises with you all in the last few days of 2018. Happy researching Uxers

Bye for now

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