Day#215: Mindset Reset

Day#215: Mindset Reset

Hi there, as you know I am always trying to improve with introspection and self discipline, I have been a fan of Mel Robbins for a while now. She coaches on everything from work, to personal life and everything in between, I would say the 5 second rule is one of her most famous actions which she discusses in a Ted Talk, I linked it in this post here

I recently saw though that Mel Robbins is doing a free 35 day course on Resetting mind sets, there is a free booklet I have already received and I am sure it will be informative and enlightening. Mel is one of those no nonsense life coaches, she says thing as it is and has inspired me to become more resilient and less of an over thinker in a lot of situations. She puts procrastination into perspective by helping you understand what your body wants to do and how you need to change your habits for success. Check out the video below on the intro video to the Mindset Reset Course. I will be printing the booklet and will share with with everyone as I progress.

Sometimes when I look back I can’t believe how much I have changed, we often like to believe that the way we are is the way we will always be and that is so far from the truth. You can really constantly be improving and yes I probably do have a lot more time than parents with young kids etc but making a little time everyday will help you on your journey.You can sign up for the mails here, not sure if you will still get the booklet but give it a try, if not I would be happy to send through my copy.

You can always be better and everyday you can truly improve if you put time and effort into perfecting what you truly want to, this is not specifically related to your job but can be related to personal relationships or your emotional state that you know has been on a downwards slide. Work on understanding your emotions and know that you are in charge of your emotions and not the other way around, happy researching until next!

Bye for now

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