Day#218: UX Job title issues

Day#218: UX Job title issues

Hey everyone today may slightly sound like a rant, but I will try to not go to far down the rabbit hole of despair. I have seen many UX job specs over the years and I feel that they are really not getting better. I think yes the industry is still new here in South Africa in a lot of ways, and even though we have a great quality of local Uxers, we are still struggling with having companies see the value etc. I have noticed a lot of positions and job specs use the term UX Designer when in fact they just mean digital designer. This is more for recruiters and companies seeking employees and ironically that is not really my audience so I may not make any headway in changing this any time soon. The issue comes in where individuals don’t perhaps understand the term UX and what makes up a UX role, I sometimes see roles asking for JavaScript and PHP and animation skills as well as UX. All these skills are great and valuable in their own right, but to demand it of one person is possibly unfair not only to the individual but to your organisation as well. The result will be that the person can not focus constantly on one category and they won’t be able to specialize and assist in the most profound way. I think often these types of Unicorn roles exist in smaller companies who can not afford multiple employees who can each handle these functions, however the issue that you may have is that these people may not be as skilled as you would like in every facet you require.

The other side of the coin would be that they possibly are very highly skilled, however with handling so many projects at once may set back deadlines and project time goals because you have one person handling design, front end development and usability testing. I really do say this from experience though I have been in many situations where I have been the “Jack of all trades” for a small company and it can be tiring and frustrating. From a personal perspective it can also become difficult to have stress free time off because you are the sole person in charge of so many projects, the company will probably be a little hesitant to allow to take 3 weeks off, unless you have a seasonal product.

I have also started noticing that there are now UX/UI developer roles, which upon reading more into it, looks like these are front end developers? I may be wrong so please do correct me. The problem is that some of these roles are also labeled as UX designer roles and it is your responsibility as the job searcher to identify if the role is for you or not. I would really advise you look carefully at job specs, read the entire job spec more than once and look out for key topics that excite you. If you are unsure about what these topics are then make a list of job functions you would like to do in your next role. When you apply refer back to that list, don’t get carried away by the salary, location or even free lunches lol yes it happens! Happy researching until next time Uxers

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