Day#221: Reinvent yourself for 2019

Day#221: Reinvent yourself for 2019

Hey there! I have done one or two posts on settings new years resolutions for 2019 thus far and I wanted to touch on something slightly more abstract. I think come this time of year everyone is scrambling to think of ways to improve their life in 2019. I think it is great to think about this, however often it can be spur of the moment and that is why so many resolutions fall at the waist side. I really do hope that you become the best possible version of yourself in 2019, and in order for you to do that you will need to concentrate on what is important to you. I mentioned the other day that I was doing a mini course through Mel Robbins which was advertised on her YouTube channel called Mindset Reset, I really advise you take it because it really helps put everything into perspective, if not lay out do a bit of introspection and simply look at all your accomplishments and failures of 2018. And yes it is okay to call them failures, let’s not beat around the bush here.

I for one have identified a few low points and am working on ways to improve my abilities and skills for those areas. We often look at moving up in our career as a priority, and treating our colleagues with respect is common place. However work on your personal relationships too and think of those the same way you would think of colleagues at work. That has really improved the way I treat people in my personal life, by not taking for granted their time in my presence. It sounds wishy washy but really being nicer to those in your private life is something we really do take for granted at times. Look at 2019 as your fresh start, you can be that person you want to be but you have to put in the effort to get there. All this talk of effort but really balance it with something you enjoy. I really love learning about human behaviour and social psychology it interests me and I can put my feet up with with a good article anyday. Find the thing that gets you happy like that, and if you don’t have it yet that’s okay too, you should just be positive and keep searching for it. I used to be so jealous of my fiance being so passionate about software development when I didn’t feel the same about design. It made me feel inadequate at times. However it took me time to find the thing that I truly enjoy and now that I have I am so glad that I can spend my time learning UX and behavioural science in the way that I do.

This 2019 reinvent yourself and give yourself the gift of understanding what you truly enjoy and are curious about in the world whether it be learning a new hobby, language or travelling more work to create a steady plan of action for achieving your goals in 2019 and stick to it! Best of luck with the new year everyone and as always happy researching until next time

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