Day#222: The Human Freedom Index

Day#222: The Human Freedom Index

Happy new year to everyone and may this year be filled with you aiming big and reaching all your dreams! If you would like to check out some of my goals for 2019 check out my blog post here

For today I wanted to discuss The Human Freedom Index, I was talking to someone about what classifies a country as being a great place to live and the conversation actually got quite interesting with us finding this resource below. The Human Freedom Index is basically a list of parameters that define a country as being the most free for its citizens, characteristics range from personal freedom, to economic freedom. Countries have the following under each category

Personal Freedom

  • Rule of law
  • Security and safety
  • Movement
  • Religious Freedom
  • Assco, assembly and civil society
  • Expression and information
  • Identity and relationships

Economic Freedom

  • Size of government
  • Legal system and prop rights
  • Sound money
  • Freedom to trade
  • Regulations

There are many other sub categories under each of the points mentioned above, however it really is interesting how factual data can be collected by setting a logical structure of understanding what freedom can be defined as. Some of the points seem simple and fair enough, but often I would think about points that I would regard for my freedom and not necessarily for a holistic citizen freedom. I wanted to chat about this rare interesting find, because often we may need to collect data on a project and not know where to start at times, and it takes stepping back from the project and looking at it holistically. It also relates to the fact that we need to look at all facets of the project and how research can be implemented to gain a deeper understanding of the entire project.

The information on South Africa is slightly disturbing, however we are not as low on the list as I would have thought. What’s also interesting is how high up Hong Kong is on the list, and yet i have researched into Hong Kong and it is an extremely expensive place to reside in. Their level on the list is related to their high status on economic freedom though and not in relation to their personal freedom which is lower. Something else that I enjoyed was looking at how the information was presented with graphs detailing Economic and personal freedom as well as having information displayed by category with scores. This was a lot of information to be presented, yet it was done in an informative and pleasing manner, certainly something to consider when you have to draft lots of documentation on data gathered from usability testing etc. This information was gathered in 2016 and would have probably have changed since then.Have a scroll through and happy researching for 2019 Uxers!

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