Day#239: How to use your time wisely

Day#239: How to use your time wisely

Every now and again I do a time management post, sometimes because I notice myself slipping out of an organised routine and other times to look at new ideas or methods to make the most out of my time. Today I wanted to chat about how to use your time wisely in a few easy to go through steps and methods, here goes!

Consider your reading material and other resources

Now if you are just starting out in UX, I would advise you to read every blog/article and watch every video out there but as you specialize I would say at some point you need to consider the types of material you want to be taking in. I tend to find myself reading totally inconsequential articles on Medium when I could be reading up on content that would better my knowledge. It is also easy to become too reliant on one form of resource like one particular institute or platform for all your reading material, make sure to diversify but zone in on what you would like to specialize in as you progress in your career

Something to remember when agreeing to a task

The concept of when you agree to a task you are by effect shifting all the other tasks on your task list up to accommodate for this new task. Granted in a work or personal environment you may have less urgent tasks, that you can agree to for completion by a later date, however this refers to the fact that you only have so much time in any given day and the more tasks you agree to the thinner you spread yourself, and the less chance you have to get to your other tasks. You simply have to manage your time to the best of your ability and have insight into time length on tasks etc. Saying no is not an insult and when you are busy indicating that you may only be able to help on that task once you have dealt with the more pressing tasks is the professional thing to do.

How to map out your project timelines

One of my biggest fears as a junior designer was when clients would ask how long something would take, in retrospect I think juniors generally struggle with this and here is a way to help break it down. First understand the project on a whole, know the different parts that will be needed to be completed for the success of the project, then work out a time for each segment and piece it together as you go. When you are put on the spot to give a time estimate for a project there is nothing wrong with asking for a bit of time to prepare an answer of that nature. If you have to give an estimate on the spot, then make sure you indicate that it is a rough estimate and you will have to restructure it approximately dependent on what may be added to the project as you go or simply indicate that you will be working out a more structured timeline when you get back to your desk. A few small steps will go a long way in helping you be more structured for 2019, happy researching until next time Uxers!

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