Day#241: UX and UI what’s the difference?

Day#241: UX and UI what’s the difference?

Hey Uxers today I wanted to discuss the difference between UX and UI, I am actually working on my very first YouTube video and since that is the topic I thought I would do a written post to go along with it. I often hear people coming from a Design background for example and wanting to get into UX or UI for that matter, I think initially a lot of people are drawn to UI/UX because of the higher salaries than Design, yes I think that is defining factor and one which has been great for me as well. However I am super passionate about UX and that has also obviously driven me to become more experienced and learn more as time has progressed. There are a number of sources that go through the differences but the best you can do if you are considering a career in either discipline is to watch and read as many resources on the content as you can. I would then advise investing even a little money into career development and doing a short course, no need for the expensive best in the industry courses, simply find a short course and test the waters. See how you feel about the content and the topic, does that motivate you to learn more?

Check out the list below on defining attributes of the UI discipline

  • UI stands for User Interface and UI Designers are tasked with the job of creating visuals for the product envisioned by the business and researched by UX
  • UI Designers need to have a good understanding of User needs, they acquire the information on the Users needs from UX who conduct testing and research and then present their findings to Devs and Designers alike
  • UID’s need to have a firm understanding of Information Architecture, on bigger more dense projects it is important to understand categories of information and nesting methods. Also understanding the user journey is crucial in understanding how the user may want to cross over to other sections of the IA and that it needs to be done with ease.
  • Another area where UI ties into UX is that it is always good to have Ui immersed and involved in Usability testing, this will give Designers an understanding of the potential and existing pain points that users have.

The main deliverables

  • To create the visual interface seen by users
  • Create elements such as buttons etc
  • Clearly label content and ensure that the interface is simple and easy to understand for users
  • Create contrast and assist with designing the user journey to guide users to where they need to be and motivate users to commit.
  • Ensure user existing mental models are followed

I will be going through UX Design and its relation to UI in the next post, happy researching until next time.

Bye for now

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