Day#243: Don’t become complacent

Day#243: Don’t become complacent

Hey Uxers now that we are full steam ahead into 2019 I wanted to know one of those difficult to read posts, why because sometimes we all need to hear it. Complacency is something that happens when you become comfortable, you get that job which you never dreamed you would get, or you simply get an average job and give up I chatted about giving up here in this post here. In that post I discussed giving up when something was to difficult but this type of giving up is different, this action is more related to you becoming comfortable with your surroundings and not continuing with self improvement. I am a strong believer that we can all keep improving, become the best at something and yes that may sound cheesy or in fact unnecessary when you may have already reached certain goals in your life but keep getting new ones.

You don’t have to set them for updating at the start of every new year simply be aware when you are close to achieving one goal and then set another for yourself, start thinking about yourself working on that project and how you will get it done. It is easy to revel in your glory when you obtain something you were working hard on but not to simply throw the towel in and give up after you are done. I try and make every post personal, and the reason for this is perhaps you will pick up something different from the general advice given, but for example I have been working on this blog for close to a year now. It has been hard work and I have set aside time for the blog every evening and on weekends. When I am done it would be easy to replace that time with non productive activities but I have already got all my equipment for my Youtube channel and have started my test run recordings with a title sequence and a script or two already done. Where do I get the time you may ask? Funny enough a lot of the people I surround myself with must be accomplishing a lot more because they are working a lot more than me, anyway I tend to have a do list everyday and make sure that every evening I have at least one hour for my blog. On weekends I prefer to stay home and do one or two posts during the day on Saturday and then probably another one or two on sunday. In Between all of that I still have time to watch a movies or two on the weekend and every evening I still watch some TV and game for about an hour as well.

You want to keep setting goals for your future it will keep you motivated and of course as you can see from my schedule I still really want to enjoy my life so I make time for my partner, gaming and other life errands etc. Don’t become complacent for 2019, set your goals and stick to them, whatever they may be you can achieve them if you work hard and stay determined. Happy researching until next time

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