Day#246: LastPass product Review

Day#246: LastPass product Review

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to Review the Lastpass product, you can check out the LastPass site here

But basically LastPass is a password saving Application, you can list the site name and group content in categories and best of all the Application has a free version which perfectly well without having to upgrade to the paid for version. I have always struggled with remembering passwords and have tried not to be one of those people to use the same password for everything. Lastpass helps you with this by being able to create really complex passwords with a password generator then housing all your passwords in one place.

I must say though that there subtle issues with the product that could have been ironed out with usability testing, for example I often don’t feel like the layout is as intuitive as it could be. I also had an issue which they seem to have either fixed recently or it is intermittent. The issue is basically then even before you have signed in and you arrive on the LastPass Site you are met with wording indicating “Loading your personal profile now” It may be profile or details etc the point is it always stresses me out and makes me think did I log out of the application correctly the last time and if it was a device that multiple people use, could they have been logged into my account. I have tested it though and the Site does log out correctly never leaving you auto logged in at any given time, however the wording can certainly be changed to indicate something more accurate.

All in all I love having one single place that can house all my passwords and important details, I only have to remember one main password and the rest is saved in “My vault” give LastPass a try and let me know what you think, happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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