Day#250: Remote Usability testing

Day#250: Remote Usability testing

Often there is a lot of information on testing on site and it certainly has its advantages, however in certain situations you may not have the option to test on site with your users or even observe them with field studies and focus groups. Check out my post here on field studies.

I reference the NN/Group which is always great for expanding on your knowledge in Research and User Experience alike. There are also really productive online platforms that help you as a Researcher to obtain the information you need from potential or current users. Sites like Usertesting allow for you to select a type of User and then the site allows for those Users to test your product with a live feed. I have also signed up with Meetup a while ago. And recently got a notification for an interesting UX related Meetup event in April.

This is the event, maybe there will still be some spaces available,  they are holding a Book Club event, I have already got the book and will be doing a summary of each Chapter in preparation for the event. The book is called Remote Research: Real Users, Real Time, Real Research by Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte. Check out the video below on some techniques for un-moderated remote usability testing for interesting ideas and potential inspiration.

Before I end off, check out for templates and guidelines when you are doing Remote testing projects, they have this easy Download Consent form for Remote User testing Template and a lot more templates that you can download for free. Happy researching until next time,

Bye for now!

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