Day#253: Learning how to learn

Day#253: Learning how to learn

Hey Uxers and for today I wanted to discuss learning how to learn..

Recently I was having this conversation with my partner about the concept of learning, I think a lot of people take it for granted that they know how to learn and are doing it correctly this could then in result in a few scenarios. The scenario I will be most concerned with today is the individual thinking they know how to learn then the outcome of their efforts not being positive and them beating them self up for it. This is personal for me, as I would constantly think I was learning and then placed in situations where I would need to display that knowledge and I would not be able to. This “kind” of knowledge refers to memorization and I am currently working on a plan for memorizing certain content, yes there is holistic general content that you may not need to memorize however a lot can be memorized and it will leave you prepared for those situations.

When people have advise like simply “be yourself” or interviews are just hard no matter what you do” it sets you up for defeat it, and it gives you an excuse to not give it your best shot. I use interviews as an example because those are the most defining situations where you could get questions that you would really define your knowledge. Memorizing is tough work and it takes time and time again of you doing the same thing until you not only understand a concept but relay it back in a flash, I am working on this ability and I think a big problem happens that we read content see that we understand it and move on. A big lesson that I have learnt from a very close mentor of mine is to take notes, don’t just read articles and absorb in the moment, you have to become a good and studious note taker in order to excel in your discipline, we all remember it from our schooling but somehow I think a lot of us fail at this when we are tackling career development outside a typical educational environment. Here are some tips that I want to work on for myself for 2019

  • Reading content that is beneficial and informational
  • Read the content once  or twice through and understand the basic premise, hypothesis and shortfalls, take your own notes
  • Write questions after you give it a first read through, what did you forget, what would you have done differently etc
  • Read through the article again
  • Here you will write a short paragraph or even bullet points explaining the article
  • Then you summarize the article using the chunking method

We as people can only remember information in small chunks, that is why things like acronyms and mnemonics are so popular for studying. Split the content into main categories that will be easier for you to remember and then memorize again. It is okay if you don’t remember word for word, you are trying to remember the main points and the meanings of those points as the bigger picture of the concept. It will take getting used to, and I have certainly realised how much content I simply just read through in the past and expected to remember, you will really see the improvement as you become used to this method. I will touch base when I have practised even more but I am already seeing great results in my ability to articulate content better, happy researching until next time

Bye for now!

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