Day#257: Managing your finances

Day#257: Managing your finances

Hey Uxers and for today I wanted to chat finances, when you first get into UX you may be transitioning from another industry and if you learn enough and can display enough of the required skill set you could really transition into an even better income than before. This is often not common when you transition to another industry, however dependent on what your previous job was, it may assist with your new UX role. For example I came from a Design role and my design background assisted with preparing my visual language and abilities for knowing what is possible etc. Keep in mind that even though you may have done a short course, you will have to display a lot of technical abilities to be a good match for almost any role.

Now relating to finances you will need to familiarize yourself with industry standards of salaries in the UX field in your city, then draw up a plan for what you would love to get salary wise and what you will take worst case scenario. Make sure to stick to these outlines because some people often lower their expectations when in a situation under pressure by a prospective employer etc. Know your worth and stick to it, in truth UX is a better paying field than a lot of fields, I have been a paramedic which was shocking pay and then a teacher and designer which were also not that great pay wise. Being in UX is a sought after skill and you will have the ability to grow your package but if you are just starting out make sure you are setting realistic goals that match your knowledge and skill set. You have various options when it comes to salaries, and dependant on where you are in your career you will need to decide what you will be accepting and doing. I did not want to lower my salary, instead I worked hard on improving my skill set to the point where I could simply move into a higher paying position.

Finally I have learnt over time that being good with money is not simply being thrifty as I thought when I was younger. It is investing and being wise with how you spend that money. It can be easy to increase your lifestyle when you start earning more but instead work on ways to improve your ever looming future, I am almost 30 and only saving towards my retirement now. I say it like that because I should have been saving towards it from when I started working, and saving does not only mean putting x amount into a savings account. Do some research and learn about better ways to save your money, we have the skills when it comes to research but so often I see so many Users not using their passion for research to improve their personal lives. Check out The Financial Diet for interesting videos on saving etc and then check out the video by Dave Ramsey he talks finance but very realistically so be ready for a wake up when he refers to the only ways you need to be solving the money problems you got yourself into.

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