Day#259: Finding a freelancer

Day#259: Finding a freelancer

Recently I was looking for a Freelance Illustrator I wanted to share the experience, firstly I forgot all my years of design and was a blank slate client I was just scouting the market trying to see if I would get any bites. I advertised that I was looking on LinkedIn and I got a few bites from people working in India. The sad thing that often happens with all these people that work in India is that they do not speak English well, a lot of them are really good at their craft but I am not willing to go through language barriers and miscommunication because of the lack of understanding. I still allowed those people to send me examples of their work, however one individual has taken way too long to come back with a quote. I realized as I was going through the project that I had to pick someone based on their original illustrative abilities because after I paid them it would be difficult to expect something if I had not seen it in their portfolios. After seeing one person’s portfolio it became evident that this portfolio was either not his work or he was including work from a variety of different stages in his illustrative career. The problem was that I would see one great illustration and then on very average illustration, then one great illustration and then a shocking very poorly done one. This makes one less trusting of his skill set and I always think people should include only their best work to make the best impression on a prospective job.

The other experience that I had was one where I was asking the rates for the project, I asked the person what information they would need to price and they indicated the project details. The thing is not everyone identifies the project in the same fashion, here is where the Freelancer in question could indicate what is your timeline, how many characters do you need and pages etc. To be truthful this is someone that I knew so they could have expected me to know that all information was information I would know to share with them but it would have been nice to get a rough project outline for what was needed. I then asked for 4 pages of illustration and the freelancer stated their price then upon confirming I was told that he had misunderstood and the price was now double. It was a misunderstanding to him because he indicated that the word spread meant something different etc etc, I however am not in the illustration industry and don’t know all those terms in order for him to give an accurate quote he should have ensured he understood the brief correctly.

I have noticed in the past people who are really good at creative tasks but lack the business they somehow feel that their really high skill will make up for the poor business skills that they lack or whatever other reasons. But work on your brand appearance, if you are freelancing or consulting it is vital to portray yourself professionally and be as helpful to your customer as possible. There is also a lot of competition, so make sure that you respond back with all the necessary information in time to be one of the options for that next job that you want. Happy researching until next time Designers and Uxers

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