Day#264: Big companies getting away with murder

Day#264: Big companies getting away with murder

Hey Uxers and today I wanted to chat about an issue I noticed recently. Firstly the individual I was chatting with works for a big corporate with lots of Brick n Motors across South Africa. They wanted to work with a Research company which would be able to assist them on an important decision they wanted to make. Let’s call the company that they chose to work with company X, company X then returned with a proposal on remote testing. The problem was it was not very defined and clear, it was just a blanket statement that they would run Surveys for potential users once the company shared their entire database. A company’s database is so important and it can be detrimental if that information is not used wisely and further handed out to external parties who do not care for the content with ethical reason. The thing that also stood out for me was that the company in question should have given multiple ideas for the company to choose from. In research you have methods for sourcing participants and if you don’t have access to your clients database it will make more work to source participants but that is certainly not the only way. Everything from cold calling to sourcing through User pools which certain companies specialize in is another option.

I think sometimes big corporations take chances, they get big accounts and do minimal work and the problem is companies trust them with this task. With the task of accomplishing their goals and providing accurate feedback and information, surveys are one method to achieve quantitative data but so much more data can be ascertained from in person usability testing and on site photos and video footage which will give insight into User perceptions and the general look of the average user. Personas and User journeys and pain points from watching in store purchases etc can be collected and simple surveys with current customers is really a sad excuse of conducting User Research to me, anyway happy researching until next time Uxers

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