Day#267: UX Dinner

Day#267: UX Dinner

Hey Uxers! And for today I have a short post on yet another event I went to, I have been busy lately but I always love going to UX Meetups and events. This particular event was a very intimate dinner organised by Borge Kristensen, he is a very passionate Web Consultant whom I admire in the industry. He is constantly posting very interesting content and runs a company in Copenhagen, Denmark where he assists companies with becoming more User Centric. Check out his company Copenux here

We connected a while back through LinkedIn and when he indicated he was coming to Cape Town I was excited to attend the dinner. Borge is also speaking at the Interaction Design Foundation event in Johannesburg, check out the link here for the details of the event.

Unfortunately the event is already fully booked but perhaps they will release a video of the event after on the Socials. I always love chatting with other fellow Uxers and it was great to chat without a time limit unlike chatting in between events and conferences etc. I also enjoyed learning about everyone’s experiences from their different companies and learning about Borge‚Äôs experienced in Copenhagen. The venue was a restaurant called The Stack and wow just wow, it had a simply stunning interior design and a wonderful ambiance which was so relaxing, to top it off the food was amazing. I often struggle with finding food options because of my dietary requirements however even though this restaurant did not have my specific requirements on their menu they accommodated me very well and the waiters were very knowledgeable and helpful.

I am inspired to do this more often with other Uxers and really look forward to chatting with more professionals as my career progresses, it can become easy to simply be in my little bubble with the obstacles and projects etc that I work on however learning from others and chatting about current events and topics in UX is always inspiring. Thank you Borge for hosting such a lovely little event, and it was really lovely to chat with everyone! Happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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