Day#275: Too many weather Apps

Day#275: Too many weather Apps

Hey Uxers it is coming to my favorites season of all, winter and after moving to Cape Town I am really enjoying the rainy winter days as opposed to the dry cold summer days in my home city Johannesburg. I have realized how much I appreciate being able to see the weather on my phone now more than ever because I stay in an apartment and don’t really have a great idea on the weather from simply looking outside. This is because Cape Town is very sporadic with a freezing cold morning with icy winds and then a hot afternoon that you want to walk around in your shorts in all in one day. I really have digressed the reason why I bring up the weather is I have noticed such a trend with designers wanting to showcase their work with weather apps.

I really am not sure how this started, however it seems to have not inclination of slowing down as just today I saw even more weather App designs on a Social media group etc. Firstly I do think Behance is not the best medium for sharing UX related work, a lot of Designers label themselves as UX/UI Designers however all I see in the work they upload is visual steps in refining their designs. I totally understand when you want to display your skills and you are perhaps either not getting a chance to really show off your skills with your full time job or you don’t even have one yet. However redo an existing more unique Application or website to show some varied skills, I think why these weather Apps are being so common to redesign is because they do have the option for including great illustrations etc, you may be someone that likes to diversify in your skill set however I am very specialized and maybe I am not the best at what I do but I certainly want to dedicate as much to perfecting my craft as I can.

A nice way to start out would be to pick a particularly badly laid out site, this will help with showing your before and after in a dramatic way. You can conduct your research as if you were actually working on the project and get feedback from current users and their pain points etc. If you really want to use Behance then use visuals of User Journeys, Site maps and data visualizations of research collected and interpreted for showcasing on your profile. Here are some awesome portfolio pieces to take a look at and please please stop with the cliche weather Apps unless you are going to really do some research and follow some UX principles for understanding the Users more definitively.

Happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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