Day#279: The UX infinity Gems

Day#279: The UX infinity Gems

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to share a video I watched which I rather enjoyed, the speaker Jordon Lawrence discusses 6 infinity gems for great UX. He states two main categories namely Design and Validation and then the sub categories that fall within those two categories are words, Declutter, clarity which fall under Design. Then Testing Designs, Being humble, and delighting our users which falls under validation. Give the video a watch, it’s always great to see how different people explain a topic from their own perspective.

Something stood out for me in the video was when Jordan Lawrence discusses colour and how colour can draw attention by contrast as well as by creating a consistent use of colour a product can develop a visual tone. I remembered a project I worked on a while back the Designer had created this complex system of colours for each category, it was very organised and well laid out making the aesthetic very motivating and appealing for choosing this system. However my problem with was that so many colours were used that it became too complicated,as a user there is no key for them on all the different categories and the reasons for the different colours they just see an inconsistent use of colour for call to actions buttons on the eCommerce platform. Eventually it was decided that we would use one simple colour for commitments and final Call to actions which a far better solution than the 6 tier colour system which was proposed initially. Understand that is not me saying that different colours can not be used, it really depends on the project at hand as well as the types of users that will be using that product. With a vast majority of men being colorblind and a large percentage of the population with decreasing colour differentiation abilities as they get older, this does reduce the amount of people who will be able to see the colours as the designer has ideally designed it.

Jordan Lawrence also discusses how we should put our egos aside as Designers and other people involved on the project. I have worked on projects where people either feel they know everything or refuse to acknowledge that something is wrong, this always ends up putting the product in the backseat while the ego drives. The solution is a difficult one for some, and something I have also had to learn, these types of lessons are not taught at University or when you are growing up. You need to understand that you are separate from your ideas, and that when you create something it has a greater purpose than you. Yes that can sound wishy washy but often it does happen that we are too close to a project and only see the immediate benefits for ourselves, a true leader will allow for their team to shine and a true Uxer will allow for the research and outcomes to define their decisions. Happy researching until next time

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