Day#280: Plan for the worst

Day#280: Plan for the worst

Hey Uxers and for today I wanted to chat about planning for the worst possible outcomes, this is something I have always done. I would always think about what could be the worst possible thing that could happen from this situation and then assess how possible it was etc, yes probably sounds paranoid to most people but it has really saved me from a lot of horrible situations both professional and personal. Of Course I have made mistakes along the way by either not planning for something because I simply didn’t think of it or the situation changes and then I have not had enough time to plan around my decision.

I think in relation to UX when planning your project outlines it is always good to plan for some hiccups, brainstorming on what those hiccups could be will always help but also keep in mind that there may be situations that you did not plan for that happen and you will have to sort out etc. It often sounds super pessimistic to people when I am always the one suggesting the ways users can manipulate a system or how it can break etc but having all those theories acknowledged from the start will help the business handle them during development. Even after a product is being used, nothing stops those sort of brainstorm sessions, even if you are working on it on your own. Often I get very strange looks from people, and perhaps my ideas come out as outrageous at times but people always find loopholes and even if one user manages to find a way to manipulate the system it is a huge issue for a product.

I also use my tactics of planning for the worst when I present research and outcomes to stakeholders, I make sure to planahea and think about the types of questions they could ask. I don’t only consider the best questions that they would ask in favor of my work, but also those types of questions that would challenge the work and the findings being presented. This will help you stay prepared and not look shocked or get anxious when you get a question, that you perhaps did not prepare for. Lastly this tactic is great for interviews as well, I have never been in an extremely hostile interview because even if an interview is not going great the interviewers will rarely become argumentative etc. However I do advise you prepare for all sorts of questions, have a list of everything people could ask you in an interview. If you don’t know the types of questions you will get asked in an interview then check out these posts here.

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