Day#281: Jiro dreams of Sushi

Day#281: Jiro dreams of Sushi

Hey Uxers, I was having some trouble recently..I thought I sprained my hand but I actually don’t even remember hurting it. I bring it up because it really affected my routine. From my morning routine, to my evening writing and research, everything was a mess. I recently did a post on calendar blocking etc, and was so motivated but as soon as my hand started hurting I felt so drained from the pain and unmotivated because I just couldn’t do anything I wanted. This all sounds very dramatic and very long drawn out but it was over the course of a week, haha yes i was probably just being over dramatic I know..

Anyway I was watching a lot of documentaries in all the free time I had and came across this one called Jiro dreams of Sushi, what an amazing movie. It was about Jiro a passionate Sushi master (Enter jargon word for a sushi chef here) you hear about his rough beginnings and Jiro explains how making sushi is both a skill and an art that he has perfected over time. He speaks about how hard work will be the one method you can rely on to become good at something and it really shows in his restaurant and teachings. His staff and clients all respect him tremendously and his restaurant is world renowned.

I bring up this movie because this is really how I feel about UX, yes I will have ups and downs every now and again and yes I take breaks and do activities that are not UX related at all. But UX is always on my mind, from when I enter an elevator, or download a new app. To when I try to use a foreign kitchen appliance, since these things always seem to outsmart me haha. I really advise you to give the movie a watch it is so much more than the average food documentary, it has life lessons and shows you how hard work and being passionate about something will really pay off if you are patient. Check out the Netflix trailer below, and happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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