Day#283: Recency & primary Effect in UX

Day#283: Recency & primary Effect in UX

Hey Uxers today I am going to talk about the Primary and Recency effect, I find this very interesting when I read about it and I am sure you will appreciate it too.

Primary Effect:
This refers to when get a first impression on something and it sticks

Recency effect:
Refers to when you see something last and you end up acting on it

You can look at some more definitions here and here, but my philosophy for this blog has always been to make simple definitions for complex and in depth topics, hence the super short explanations above.

In relation to UX:
I think Primacy Effect can be explained best using the example of The Apple brand, it has become advertised as a lifestyle and these brand supporters become such loyal patrons that they don’t see faults and look for elements to substantiate their love of the product. Haha can you tell I am not a huge Apple fan?

Basically Primacy Effect can be created by UX and marketing collectively by creating a lasting impression of the product.

The Recency Effect is a bit more difficult to illicit, i mean you could show a specific product you are trying to sell last to a user. However you are not sure if this will be the last stop in their shopping journey or is it just the end of their visit with your site. You could even send a mailer to entice users to come back, but it may not be looked at and create the Recency effect. All in all these Effects are always great to know and understand when it comes to human behavior, you never know when some pattern is being spanked and having these mental models in your arsenal of knowledge of human behavior will always help when understanding users. Check out the video below on the Primacy and Recency Effect in UX, happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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