Day#286: Surveys on websites

Day#286: Surveys on websites

Hey Designers and researchers today I wanted to talk about surveys on websites, I recently went on a popular Radio Station’s website and was met with a pop up intro indicating that they are collecting some info and would like people to participate. Firstly I was surprised to see that such a popular Radio station would not encourage people to participate with an incentive. They do massive giveaways all the time, however those prizes are probably directly sponsored by companies wanting advertising for those specific competitions etc. However a budget really should have been dedicated to this, to entice people to participate.

The actual survey was very long as well, instead of doing a lengthy survey like this, the Radio Station should have run an initial screener getting people to fill in their details with the premise that they would then be called soon after or at a specific time for the actual survey. I actually learnt about this from a book called Remote Research which I read recently, you can check out my review here.

The reason is there are a lot of questions and people generally value their time, having a survey that does not have any benefits for users, as well as the fact that it is long will probably have a high drop off rate. Now relating to the actual data, it seems that the Radio Station in trying to just gain a lot of quantitative data on people filling out the form. From questions about personal data like age and gender to location. It became evident that they wanted to know a lot about where listeners resided because they asked questions, from Country, State, to even questions on municipality. Some of the questions were a bit unrealistic for the average person to know, like how many people live in your town, especially if you are not incentivizing people you want to make it as easy as possible for people to get through the questions. This question could have been answered internally after having the name of the town, it just feels a tad lazy to be honest..

I also had no idea how far I was from finishing the survey and again referring to how people value their time you want to have a survey where people not only know how long the whole process will take precisely but also during the survey how far they are from completion. Since this is mostly qualitative this could have all been collected by phone call et, however these types of automated remote surveys require less people working consistently on the project, and would allow for a lower budget. I think if this method really could have been tweaked a lot and the types of questions could have been shorter and more separated into perhaps different surveys over the course of the next few months. Finally I think allowing for multiple choice and then having the infamous “other” option allows for further speculation and grey data. I really think if the Radio Station wants to understand their Users better they should be conducting User interviews first, then understand their users through personas and then progress to collecting information through some research methods. Surveys can be done, but this type of survey is too much for the average person to sit and fill out, i would be interested to see how it turned out and what was the amount of people that visited the site verses filled in the form.

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