Day#289: UX & UI principles vs. process

Day#289: UX & UI principles vs. process

Hey Designers and Researchers, for today I wanted to chat about this UX Cape Town Meetup that I recently attended. And yes if you are looking at the dates you will notice this date that I have published the article is before the actual event. This is is because I have been so busy lately and have not kept up with writing for Uxergirl. The result is that I am back dating, the horror!

Anyway I “recently” went to a lovely UX Meetup organised by Marli Ritter at the NONA offices. I was telling some friends of mine, how amazing Marli has been in organizing these types of events and we came to the conclusion that Marli is both the voice of UX here in Cape Town as well as a brand when it comes to events. As someone who loves going to all the UX and Design related Meetups, I have come to love the events she plans the most. Basically the UX community appreciates and is grateful for all the hard work she puts into this for zero financial gain haha! I spoke with Marli and possibly helping with admin etc for the future events, really excited to learn from her on her experiences. I am sure she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Really looking forward to that!

In relation to the actual event, it had a huge turn out. If you have read some of my more recent posts then you know that I also attended a UX Book club Meetup. You can check out my post on that event here, however the turn out for that particular event was not as big as this. This event had Designers, Researchers, and even some students that were trying to network and prepare for their next step into the working world. It was a wonderful mesh of multiple disciplines coming together to discuss ways forward with common problems. There was a general topic which was addressed by a representative from NONA and Marli Ritter of course. Then people were told to create groups of around 5, and discuss their principles and processes. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience because it forced otherwise introverted people like myself to talk to strangers on my experiences etc. Don’t get me wrong the style of presentations also has its advantages being that you can learn something new or something simply from a different perspective when people present, however it was great to chat with others on a more personal level for this event.

Towards the end all the groups were rounded up, and we got to express our thoughts as group to all the attendees. It was such a comfortable informal setting, and one where members of the audience could interject with their own ideas on a statement. It was also interesting to hear about NONA’s methods and company culture, remember they were hosting the event at their offices. They reminded me of the type of culture I currently have where I work now. The event was so casual and a lovely experience, people were not pressured to give a specific type of answer and there were answers that ranged from the more analytical side to the philosophical side. If you reside in Cape Town and are in the tech space, I would really advise coming to one of the next ones. You really don’t have to be in UX or UI primarily, it’s always wonderful to gain insights at these types of things from other seasoned professionals, as well as help novices on their journey. To round off for more information check out this link for UX Cape Town Meetup page

Happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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