Day#290: New job alert

Day#290: New job alert

Hey Designers and researchers, if you don’t know by now I recently quit my job and decided to take a new opportunity with a Startup. I was met with mixed reactions from my friends in the community. Firstly with it being a Start up it was going to be completely new horizons. For example during my job search process, companies would approach me on Offerzen and I would ask around in the community on the culture and team etc. The UX community here in Cape Town is small, and with most of the positions I was looking at I either knew someone who was working there, had worked there, or they knew someone that knew someone that had worked there.

Why did I decide to take the plunge into a completely new environment?

Well it was a chance to experience a different style of company, I was tired of the red tape and feelings of treading through mud whenever a decision had to be made. I totally understand a fair amount of time for decisions to be made, however there would be open issues that would take extremely long to approve because of teams approving and reviewing one at a time. In a big corporate it is also much tougher to change a process that has been in place for a long time. People become used to doing things a certain way, don’t get me wrong I am not someone that just wants change for the sake of change and see the problem that is making decisions based on trends which don’t necessarily suit the product or company. However the inability to have the option for change was something I struggled with.

I also decided that this particular company was the best decision for me because I wanted to move into the UX gaming space. It was difficult finding UX game related positions here in sunny Cape Town and was excited when the opportunity matched my career goals. UX Gaming is much more complicated that general UX, for example in E commerce UX a lot of behavioral science is used to motivate Users on committing to the product. There is also buying patterns related to UX gaming however UX active Game play is so much more intense than thought at first glance, oh for more info on UX gaming you can check out my post on “The Gamer’s Brain” by Celia Hodent an ultimate role model for me is such an influence in the UX Gaming scene, she has done numerous talks and discusses how interfaces and experiences are constructed with so much thought and testing involved.

How have I found it thus far?

Ah well it is early to say, haha! You know one thing I have already noticed is the relaxed nature of the work environment. I am someone who works best in isolation, when its a report or a problem I need to work on I prefer to sit and work at it in silence. And yes cringe! we are all supposed to be these perfect specimens who are both able to function in a team, as well as on our own, I would say I have learned to work in teams, and because I am more introverted I tend to naturally lean towards working on my own. However something I have learned is that you can always change your ways and behaviour, and with that in mind, I have worked on becoming a better teammate when working on projects together with others.

As I was saying at my new company it has been great to work from home on occasion, saying that I found it interesting how many people don’t really like doing it. For me it is the ultimate joy to sit and work from home in my pjs haha! When asking people why they don’t enjoy it, they indicated because they look at their home environment as a place of relaxation etc. However I am actually so used to considering my home environment for work it really never crossed my mind that I would not like to overlap the two. Something else that I have enjoyed has been the flat structure, the company indicated that when we were discussing in the interview process, and I am glad to say thus far it has been true. For me it was important that I could work somewhere that I could feel comfortable talking to management about my ideas etc. I must say my previous company was kind to all staff but lacked the ability to have an open door policy to new ideas that could possibly ruffle feathers. Here I feel that it’s something that is accepted and encouraged.

What have I been working on?

She says as she has visions of being sued for sharing company data, and being watched by the eye of Sauron with every word she says, haha! I don’t intend on sharing any specifics however I can tell you that I have already conducted some awesome impromptu testing. The formal term is Guerrilla testing, and you can can see a brief explanation of my methods for this here in my Hawthorn Effect article

I was working on incentives for testing and thought that this should be a topic all on its own, so will be writing about this soon as well. In conclusion though I just wanted to end off with saying something that may seem slightly cheesy to some, if you are unhappy with what you are doing change it. I know financial implications can lead a lot of our decisions, but staying at a company because it is just easier is never the solution. Working on projects that you enjoy will be so much easier to pass your time at work. Yes I know it is a lot more difficult for some. Keep in mind that this is coming from the perspective of simply following a passion that can keep you stimulated. I spent so many of my younger years trying to find that thing that would keep me stimulated, I sometimes wish I had found UX a lot sooner. I mean it was around, I just had no idea, it even existed. We can only make the best decisions with the information that we have when it comes to these types of situations, and younger me was simply trying to make the best of the options I thought I had available. I am happy where I am currently, it’s been a long road and this is probably not the end of the road, but wow look where it has taken me. Looking forward to sharing lots more content in the future

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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