Day#292: The UX dress code

Day#292: The UX dress code

Hey Researchers and Designers for today I wanted to chat about something less talked about and that is dress code. Dependent on the company you work at there may actually be a dress code for actual work days but I wanted to talk about something more interesting and that is testing dress code. For example I tend to like dressing more formal, it has been something I have grown to like I would say. Coming from initially working at Agencies when I left college and working as a designer, it was difficult to get used to but now I enjoy it. Testing on the other hand is not as simple as dressing formal, I recently tested on a campus and to blend in better i went in jeans and a band t shirt, I mean it was a Beatles shirt so not that modern but I still opted for attire that would suit the local.

Keep in mind that I was approaching students with a Guerrilla testing method which again suited the environment. This would not a coffee shop next to an office park where people may be in a rush to get back to work or are taking a quick break to relax on their own and collect their thoughts. I think it’s very important to blend even a little, because even though we may be saying we are not testing the users, the attire can change that perception. Check out the video below on clothing for an interview, I would say something that I took from this interview was not to be too fashionable when conducting testing. You don’t want striking makeup or jewelry that distracts the participant. I know a lot of it can also be discarded for example a flower dress could work if you are testing with moms for a particular product that relates to them. However if you are testing for a financial product and going to a very formal company for testing on site with staff, I do think it would be best to blend in, in those types of situations. The reason being people have grown to trust those that are similar to them, this has been a trait that is genetically engineered for our survival trusting in the familiar kept us alive and potentially away from threats. Note that I obviously don’t promote racial biases etc I am simply just indicating that this is a natural behavioral pattern, it can be overcome in positive situations. However for something like this it may be better to blend in, if you want people to trust you and be honest.

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now!

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