Day#293: What to do with incentives?

Day#293: What to do with incentives?

Hey fellow Researchers and Designers today I want to talk about the topic of incentives. We often understand it as a source of motivating potential participants for enduring our usability testing but incentives are much more complex than a simple amount for time spent. Firstly people value their time differently, so having one set price for a large variety of different types of people will not generally work. It can if it is nice high number, however even then time needs to be taken into consideration too. For example the amount of time for the actual assessment, as well as the time that you will need to conduct the testing at, the time it takes for the participant to get to you should also be factored in. If the test can be conducted at any time then try establish a time where the participant will be more relaxed and easy going with sharing that time with you.

For example let’s say you are testing a very intricate product with financial advisers and accountants, approaching them spontaneously during working hours using a Guerrilla testing method will certainly not work, because they may be rushing to grab lunch in between meetings. However if you test with students in that fashion it may be better received, I also recently learnt that timing is so crucial, even though as I said that the more impromptu method can work better with students, I tried impromptu testing near submission deadlines without knowing it of course, and found that all students were either completely unavailable, in a rush or ready to go out and party after having submitted. We live and learn from these mistakes as we go though..

I would say the same way you would be testing with products, you may need to do research into incentives, that is if testing with incentives has not been conducted before. And that brings me to testing without incentives, just leave, leave the company and never speak of them again. Haha! I mean I know how difficult it can be when there are serious budgetary constraints, however even testing with small sample sizes of 5 can be influential in providing great feedback. For this check out Jakob Nielsen’s recommendation of testing with 5 users to find the products main issues.I will include a video by him as well and will be explaining the equation in more detail in my next post

Happy researching until next time Designers and Researchers

Bye for now

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