Day#296: The Availability Heuristic Bias

Day#296: The Availability Heuristic Bias

  • People tend to believe unlikely things, this is because people do not make most decisions based on facts and instead base their knowledge and decision on anecdotal stories etc
  • An example would be when you believe something, you are more likely to search for resources which agree with your belief than something that opposes it

Other resources on the Heuristic Bias

Quote from the article above discussing The Heuristic Bias
“Heuristics play an important role in how we make decisions and act upon information in the world around us. The availability heuristic can be a helpful tool, but it is also important to remember that it can sometimes lead to incorrect assessments.Just because something looms large in your memory does not necessarily mean that it is more common, so it can be helpful to rely on numerous tools and decision-making strategies when you are trying to make a choice.”

Relation to UX

The possibility of this Bias range from a variety of different things, it could hamper researchers who are looking for specific results in testing and ignore actual findings. Or it could be business and stakeholders who want to see specific results, this relates very closely to confirmation Bias which I will be explaining in one of my later posts, for now that as  Researcher and Designers it is our jobs to question everything, to not settle for the bare minimum and ensure we create intuitive experiences. Check out the video below which explains the Bias at (1:20)

Happy researching until next time Uxers

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