Day#299: Confirmation Bias in UX

Day#299: Confirmation Bias in UX

Hey Researchers and Designers and for today I want to chat about one of the most commonly known Biases out there in psychological research. That is the Confirmation Bias, it is also very commonly experienced by a lot of Uxers with stakeholders, and I will go through how soon. For now check out the video below which explains the Confirmation Bias briefly, time 03:49 in the video.

Now that you have given the video a watch, you can check out some of these other resources on the confirmation bias for more information.

Relation to UX

Researchers, Designers and Stakeholders can all be guilty of The Confirmation Bias, and it takes understanding the signs of it rearing its head to be able to combat it in action. Stakeholders could allow for testing with the precursor that it will affirm their beliefs on their Users as well as their product. Designers having created the product could want to do testing and direct the user to agree with the design being done correctly etc. When we have the responsibility of testing it is our job to be unbiased and test for the true results that will help better products. We should see past our own biases, and if stakeholders have them, guide them in breaking these types of misconceptions. Before you go check out this other really great video, that I found on the Confirmation Bias below

Happy researching until next time Uxers.

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