Day#301: Course Review-Conducting Usability testing

Day#301: Course Review-Conducting Usability testing

Hey Researchers and Designers, today I wanted to quickly chat about another short course that I did through The Interaction Design Foundation. This course is called Conducting Usability Testing, I have decided to take various courses on different topics within the UX category. Even though I may think that I have knowledge on Conducting Usability testing, it is always great to have a refresher course, as well as her ideas from another perspective. This particular course was a rather short one with only 190 points making up the entire course.

For those of you that have not yet heard about The Interaction Design Foundation, it is a wonderful online learning platform, they specialize in UX related courses, however they do also have some UI courses as well sprinkled in. The platform really has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and I have done many courses ranging from courses on The Psychology of ecommerce to Gestalt Principles. You can check out my reviews for these courses in particular here.

Not every course is amazing and I would have to say my least favourite of all the courses provided is the Human Computer Interaction Course. This course has the weirdest array of information presented, and I often got bored. Again this my personal view, and you may likely enjoy that particular course, I just found it boring for a number of reasons. On the topic of the Conducting Usability testing courses though, this one I really thoroughly enjoyed. It was informative and to the point, with the instructor presenting valuable and interesting information. In truth, I would say I knew a lot of the content presented in this course, this is not to boast, but to also reiterate how even though I knew the content, it was still presented well and in an interesting manner. You can find the course here.

When you use my code you will get three months free membership. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or here on my blog and we can chat about the courses you are taking, want to take etc. I am always happy to chat Research and behavioral science with people. Really looking forward to the last stretch of my Uxer Girl journey, this has been a wonderful experience doing a post everyday for almost a year now.

Happy researching until next time

Bye for now

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