Day#304: Ask ask ask!

Day#304: Ask ask ask!

Hey Researchers and Designers and for today I wanted to chat about the importance of always asking if you don’t understand something. There are many connotations around asking questions, institutionally we see those who ask questions as submissive why do we do this? Well naturally the person who asks is by asking showing that they are missing some bit of knowledge. The individual who answers is then in the dominant seat to answer said question. This is not to say that it is the end and anyone who asks questions is always in a submissive position, it is simply explaining one reason behind why some people may be nervous about asking questions. Another reason could be seeming ignorant in a situation when everyone else is not asking questions, it is less likely that one person will risk their reputation by asking a question. You can see examples of this in my post on the Asch conformity experiment here

Asking questions is very necessary with UX, not only in the obvious setting of being with users and trying to understand their experience of a product. However it is also key in understanding the internal workings and goals of the product from the Stakeholder and business perspective. It is futile to come up with ideas and changes for the product without having a firm backing on everything about the product, and you will need to become comfortable with asking loads of questions.

When you start at a company you cant be expected to know everything about the product, and the company should not expect you to this is your time to learn everything. Even after having worked on a product for a long time, you cannot know everything about every facet of the product. Be comfortable and confident about asking loads of questions when you don’t understand something. If you are ever met with hostility or apprehension on the questions that you need answered, then explain why the information will help you come up with potential solutions for the product. Happy researching until next time Uxers!

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