Day#308: Asking jargon filled questions to novice users

Day#308: Asking jargon filled questions to novice users

Hey researchers and designers for today I wanted to discuss something that I experienced recently, I was on the Entertainer App and as you know it is one of my favourite Apps to use, yes I am a thrifty cliche indian haha! The App has been awesome in getting me to try new places outside of my comfort zone, however recently I was met with a really weird pop up. 

Something was not working in the App and I was told it potentially a server issue, then below that I am told if I think it is a server issue that I should contact support. I will bring down the issues I found with this pop up below

1. Don’t use jargon

Often when you work on a product certain words and terminologies can be commonplace, but to outsiders and general users for that matter it will be confusing. Testing designs and layouts is important, but often people forget that copy needs to be tested too. It is an integral part to a multitude of experiences and often it if left unchecked can lead to a failed user experience. In this instance it is referring to the server being an issue to the user, I don’t even think average users know what a server is so telling them that is pointless and a waste of time. Rather indicate its a mistake and redirect the user back on a path that will ensure their end goal.

2. Starting and then directing a user to submit X

The App already indicated that it was a server issue, then the user is told below that statement that if they think it is a server issue that they should contact support. This then makes the user feel as if they can not trust the first statement, however if faults only get flagged when users report that is also an issue. This type of issue will probably result in the average user closing the app or going back to the home page. Since it didn’t affect my ability to scroll through offers or redeem an offer I have no reason to report the issue. Tasking users with this is both unnecessary and frankly lazy from the company’s side. It should be their job to spot issues like this and hopefully they have a team of QA’s whose job this is. On the other hand this could also be a venting allowance so for those users that are particularly annoyed with the broken link they can reach out, I really don’t see it as that annoying though it was one offer that resulted in this and then I went back to the App home page and looked at other offers as I indicated above. 

All in all this App has some work to do, they have a great idea with the discounts method. I probably would not choose to buy the product out of my own budget however because I got free access with my Banking product I was like why not. Products need to see changes as a continuous cycle that allows for the product to keep evolving into this intuitive well functioning experience for users all round. Happy researching until next time Uxers 

Bye for now!

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