Day#312: Day #312 I’m a Speaker At UXSA!!!

Day#312: Day #312 I’m a Speaker At UXSA!!!

Hey Uxers so this time last year I got a ticket through DVT from a competition to attend the UX South Africa Cape Town conference. This year I am a speaker, I am sooo excited and yes it warrants the over exaggerated SOOOO. I am co hosting a talk on Co creating a UX Manifesto with Chantal Lailvaux, she was a speaker at last years conference, and I am so glad we stayed in touch. She is such a talented and kind human being. Chantal and I are working on a Podcast together and will probably release that sometime next year, we are just not committing to a date just yet because it has been trial and error so far will share more information on that closer to the time. 

Anyway on the talk, we have decided to do something totally different to what has been done in the UX SA conference space before, and are using some of our tried and tested UX Research methodologies to come up with our content. We will be running a workshop on the two days and will encourage everyone attending to be apart of Co Creating our Human Centered Manifesto. We have our hypothesis and our own principles we will be presenting on, and during the workshop days we will be doing dot voting etc. on the various principles. If you will be at the conference do come past and say hi 🙂 We will also have a prize for participating in our activities which we will hand out during our talk on the last slot of the two days. 

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference and seeing what types of results we get from the attendee participation. We also have an online form that we will allow non conference goers to fill in if they would like. So get involved like that if you are outside Cape Town, so many wonderful steps forward in this industry and I am very honoured to be apart of it. As always happy Researching Uxers, and bye for now. 


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