Day#313: Day# IDF Course Review, User Research. Methods & Best Practices

Day#313: Day# IDF Course Review, User Research. Methods & Best Practices

Hey Researchers and Designers, I recently completed another course on The Interaction Design Foundation wow what a platform. I am getting to do so many amazing courses. I have honestly signed up for way more courses than I can even complete in the next few months, but it is always so motivating to know that all the courses are readily available and I don’t need to pay a separate fee. I remember deliberating so much before first getting this account, I felt unsure of if it would be valuable, but looking at some of the other courses and how you pay per course is really an added benefit for me that with IDF you don’t. I wish I was being sponsored for all this advertising, but unfortunately not, I do have a promo code for 3 months free if you sign up, so you can use my link to get yourself 3 months free. Anyway, this particular course was an important one as you can guess since it was on User Research.

I was excited to learn, but something that I think should be noted is that Interaction Design Foundation has more courses for beginner to intermediate. There is a variety from UX Design to UI Design and I feel the biggest takeaways that I had from this course in particular was the discussion and learnings around the Thematic Analysis as well as the Observational Research. I am actually getting to do a lot of Observational work, and hearing the experiences of others in the industry as well as occasionally going through case studies was interesting. Something that did annoy me about this course in particular was that some of the videos would not play through till the end. This then drew out the time in which I wanted to complete the course because I would leave that section and come back and check on if it worked every now and again. Eventually I reached out to help email that they have, sharing a live example video of my internet woking with an example of Youtube, and the IDF video not working, but was met with what felt like an excuse.I was then told that Youtube uses a different “something” and so that’s why it could be working better. In my opinion as a user it just felt like an excuse, and not that any efforts were being made to help me gain the info from that video or rectify the issue. The result was that I still to date have not watched that video, I still got 90% on the course which I am pretty happy with, but would have liked to watch everything available.

Maybe I am making it sound bad, the course was really a great one, and like I said earlier I have done so many courses through Interaction Design foundation by now that I am used to the platform, it is also extremely cheap, so one or two videos not working still made it worth while for me. If you are wanting to learn more about User Research the in’s and outs on high level methodologies and enjoy learning by video then this course will be great for you. I think I will be doing the Emotional Design course of the UX Management course next, Emotional Design is something I am interested to understand more about, and I wonder if their is going to be segments on ethics and psychology of conducting research. Until next time, happy researching Uxers!

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