Day#316: Winner for IDF Membership

Day#316: Winner for IDF Membership

Hey Researchers and Designers, hope you are having a wonderful December. I am relaxing at home and totally loving it. I often get so caught up in the busy errands and deadlines of everyday life that I don’t pay attention to relaxing and just enjoying my peaceful life. Anyway, nobody wants to hear about my lazing about all December haha! The purpose of this post is to let you know that I received a free IDF Membership, I decided to give it away on my Linkedin, and got so many amazing responses. 

I allowed for people to share what they learned in 2019 that related to UX, and got such amazing responses. It was really difficult for me to choose, because I am really always hoping for the advancement of our industry and would love to share this opportunity with everybody. Unfortunately that is not how it works, and with that I had to choose a winner. Lacey Heriford reached out to me on Linkedin a while back, and I let her know that if she wanted to do an online chat etc I would try to make myself available to help in any which way I could. After some thought I decided to give this membership to her. 

I remember trying to better myself but not really knowing where to start, I also remember working on something only to be confused and having to take 10 steps back when I was learning. I really hope that Lacey will enjoy this membership to IDF as much as I did. The Interaction Design Foundation taught me so much, I did many courses through them. And look forward to doing many more in the future as well. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday, I am spending it with my best friend and husband. We are enjoying our afternoons together gaming and watching movies. Tonight I am going to watch Star Wars, and this is my first time having bought tickets online. I will certainly document my experience and look forward to discussing the Service Design and Customer experience related to this process. Lol yes I am not the biggest Star Wars fan, so I am not mentioning my excitement for the movie. I hope everyone has a wonderful December, and that we come back enthusiastic and motivated for the new year. Happy researching until 2020 Uxers. 

Bye for now

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