Day#326: Our User Research Podcast

Day#326: Our User Research Podcast

Hey Researchers and Designers, today I wanted to have quick post to catch you up on my next project. If you don’t know already this blog was meant to be 365 days of UX talk, I sort of had some slow points and with that it went over a year but never the less I have set myself the task of writing the 365 posts. 

I have already started putting together my next project, it is actually a we. I am working with a close friend in the Research industry and we will be doing a podcast on User Research. I am super excited about this, I initially wanted to do a Youtube Channel. But I do think a podcast will be a nice next step, perhaps I do a Youtube channel at some point but I feel a podcast is a good next step. This blog has allowed me to learn so much about my writing, I have bettered it and learnt how to express myself with text like I never did before.I have sometimes felt like I don’t express myself the way I want verbally and I think the podcast will be a great next step in building my personal brand, and taking it to the next level. We will be posting around an episode a month, and have already started recording. We are looking forward to having some amazing people to interview both locally and internally in the space. 

I think something that was important for us was to start giving a voice to the South African User Research space. There is a lot of content internationally, and we have amazing material to look at and listen to. However I really feel South Africans are not creating enough extra material to advance the knowledge of our ecosystem. We are so different from the rest of the world, and even in certain instances we may not be that different it will be a great experience to have discussions about our experiences and hopefully help other budding Uxers. As a caveat, though we are not focusing the Podcast on UX, it will focus on Research and we are looking for people from all industries as well as just people passionate about specific things. We want to understand what drives that need to research, what did you get out of the research, how did it change your perceptions. The name of our podcast is “Why’sMatter” because let’s face it as Researchers we tend to ask a lot of Whys. Sometimes we don’t get the answers we want, or sometimes we don’t get any answers at all. It is an amazing journey though, and one that I am so excited to be on, looking forward to catching you on Why’sMatter in 2020!

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