Day#329: Building habits for 2020

Day#329: Building habits for 2020

Hey Researchers and designers, I hope that 2020 has been off to a great start for everyone. I recently did a post on my goals for 2020, and thought that for today I will do a post on habits for 2020, before I share the video that inspired this post I wanted to explain the difference in the two for me. Goals are high level and yes you can have a goal to train everyday, but for me, my goals are to be healthier for example. It’s my habits that help me achieve those goals from a day to day perspective. You can check out my post on my goals for 2020 here. Without wasting more time though please do watch the video below by Mat D’Avella, he is a minimalist which is something I am striving for with regards to my finance goals. 

Now that you have given the video a watch, let’s all try doing meth for a month lol! On a serious note though there were some interesting notes made of various habits, and I like the idea of testing which habits work for you. That way instead of always feeling guilty when it is ever brought up in person or in passing you are not thinking about how it could better your life and instead know it will or won’t work for you. For example Mat D’Avella discusses trying waking up at 5am for 30 days and how he found it didn’t work for him because his schedule sometimes calls for late nights, and that sleeping in allows him to be productive for when he does wake up. As someone that works at one of South Africa’s largest banks, I unfortunately don’t have the luxury to just wake up when I want. With running usability testing you have to show up at specific times and can’t go by your own times, it’s also not so much a remote culture so instead of creating waves I rather go in. I also stay in an area that has serious traffic issues, as everyone drives. South Africa in general has a very high driving culture, and this is attributed to the crime with public transport, as well as the inconsistency and lack of public transport. 

With that in mind I generally wake up around 4:30AM, I am ready by 5:30 having got ready and had my morning smoothie by then. If I leave at 5:30 I am usually at work by 6AM. Where as if I leave around 7AM, it will easily take me over an hour to get to work. I love working earlier, it’s quiet and allows me to plan my day out and some time to finish up on things before the floor becomes busy. I don’t like the idea of walking into the office, and going straight into a meeting, I mean I can do it but I really like coming in and planning my day and getting a head start on all my work before the meetings start. That’s another thing it avoids, so normally most people get into work around 9ish and it gives me a good couple of hours that I know won’t ever be bombarded with potential meetings and can always go towards work and general productivity. Speaking about productivity there is really something that I want to work on in 2020, and I will certainly get into more detail in another post but for now let me introduce the topic of deep work. I find I get distracted whether it be my phone, or emails or people around me talking. If you are someone that can zone out on all that, then that just seems like a super power. I am going to be working on methods to curb my distractions for 2020, and will share it as soon as I have more ideas on that. Happy researching until next time.

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