Day#332: The importance of Co Researching

Day#332: The importance of Co Researching

Hey Researchers and Designers, I’m pretty much binge watching a lot of Netflix over my holidays. So to even out my natural binging tactics I have made a final list of some topics I want to discuss before I round up this 365 days of UX. For today I want to discuss “The importance of Co-Researching. The topic exists in other industries like development where co-programing is a method for achieving quality and higher productivity. I think when I first heard about it I was apprehensive at first, it’s interesting how it seemed natural that it would actually end up taking longer to do something rather than quicker. The simplistic thing that you would think of is that two people sit doing the exact same thing together at every step of the way. The more advanced method of this is having two brains conceptualizing and brainstorming on solutions. 

In the research industry this is quintessential to ensuring the work is tried and tested and broken apart in order to be the best possible solution. An example of this is scientists and their findings, a true good scientist will not take it personally if their findings are disapproved instead it is meant to be seen as advancing the industry and finding the truth after experiment after experiment. Science has somewhat been tainted by the rivalry amongst universities and other institutions influencing research so that is a whole debate on it’s own, but for me a true scientist should still not be upset with that. 

I think for me being a UX Researcher is just that, it’s the ability to want to find the truth that drives me to understand something on a deeper level and be able to spot patterns through saturation from research conducted. For 2020 I will be working alongside another colleague on a really huge project, I am excited to be working with her on this. She is so organised and I really enjoy her passion for psychology and human behaviour, it’s not often you come across people with all that knowledge in the UX industry. I actually thought that would be the majority of people in the industry but I suppose you get people entering an industry for all sorts of reasons, I do think a curiosity about the psychology side is essential to being a good UX Researcher. Another aspect of researching is ensuring that you have asked all the questions, opened every door and looked under mat for the answers you seek. I know sometimes when you work on one project for too long you can get too close and start to generate your own biases unconsciously, by having both of us work on the project for 2020 on different parts it will allow for such fluidity in workflow and ensure that we are not getting stuck in our own thoughts so to speak. We can also bounce ideas off one another and take advantage of each person’s strengths and help each other with our weaknesses. I am really excited for this project, as it really is going to be a big one for 2020. Looking forward to chatting more about it at some point, sigh I probably won’t get to this is such hush hush work I may never be able to release it publically. Happy researching until next Uxers.

Bye for now!

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