Day#333: Fear and how it can be an advantage and a disadvantage

Day#333: Fear and how it can be an advantage and a disadvantage

Hey everyone for today I want to discuss something that a lot of people may struggle with, including myself and that is fear. When I first started learning about the UX industry I was too scared to get into the industry, I was concerned about being on the job and not knowing enough or not even getting an opportunity because I wasn’t skilled enough. The good side of this is that I worked really hard, I worked at learning the industry really well. I read many articles, and as if have done many many online courses on UX. My fear of being inadequate propelled me forward to being better, and trying to prevent those fears from becoming a reality. Where fears can become a disadvantage is when it controls you even though it may be illogical scenarios. For example to an extent there was a period where I was considering applying and telling people close to me that I was unsure, this was after doing probably around 5 courses in UX, and doing some UX related projects at work as well. I realised that at that point I was setting too high standards for myself, and perhaps the industry as a whole and was not giving myself a chance to succeed in a professional context. 

The ironic part is that I tend to see people all the time who are throwing their hand in for a chance at making it in this UX industry. From writers to designers and even researchers. People are using the title and getting into positions without fully having all the knowledge I expected the industry would have. It taught me something important, that I set very high standards for myself, and that sometimes those high standards are not terrible. But other times I should know when to still give myself a chance. When it comes to my personality, I think I will always be a little fearful, my fear helps me ensure that I don’t get left behind in this ever changing industry, that I will not be inadequate. Or that I won’t be able to have the correct tool kit to solve problems which can potentially be unique from project to project. I think sometimes I am also concerned that I forget things, that’s why I love reading articles on research and different methodologies, it helps to keep reinforcing learnt topics and ensure that I am constantly advancing instead of staying stagnant. 

I think often in society we make certain things positive and certain things negative, somehow fear has been classified as a negative action. In social structures I can see how feeling scared can make someone seem submissive or beta, but in terms of survival and evolution you see a select few emotions that have evolved in us. The act of feeling scared can both help you and deny you opportunities, make sure that you understand that fear for what it is and you use it to your advantage. If you are feeling afraid of something, journal it out. Talk with a close friend if they are non judgmental or start looking at other ways that you can deal with your fears. I have learnt to use my ability to fear things as an advantage, and I often think its my curiosity as well as my fear that makes my projects both thought provoking and insightful in the findings I produce. Happy researching until next time

Bye for now 

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