Day#335: Understanding the value of research

Day#335: Understanding the value of research

Hey Researchers as I have been going down the rabbit hole of UX, I have really found my passion lies in research it started out with me thinking I would get into UX Design and then I realised that wireframing was not really my thing. I would rather specialize and spend all my time researching, validating and invalidating my work is so fascinating for me and I thoroughly enjoy waking up everyday to do the work I do. With that being said, recently I had some health issues and it got me thinking about finding a solution for myself. So to be specific I have had about 4 kidney stones to date. The first one I had was when I was around 21, my husband then boyfriend took me straight to the hospital and we found out from the extreme pain that I was in that it was kidney stones. It was extreme pain, and afterwards I wanted to know how to avoid it, I had a shock treatment operation which allowed for the stones to be broken apart and come out in my urine. Yes all of it is sore, just all of it! They tested a sample of the stone, and I was told to not have fizzy drinks. The whole procedure was so costly and I think back then I just wanted to go home when everything was done, I didn’t have the mindset of prevention and using my diet to improve circumstances. Fast forward a few years and i have really researched a lot in diets and what is good for you etc. Not having made the correlation between the kidney stones as yet.

I had another few stones and decided to try and pass them at home with drinking lots of water and having a pain killer here and there. If the stone is big enough you will know by the level of pain that you need to go in, I was becoming good at understanding that pain and 2 of the stones did not feel as bad. Last week I had another one, and it was bad. My husband was out with some friends and when he came back I was in extreme pain and simply wanted to go to the hospital. I did another post on the experience that I had at the hospital but after discussing that I had had multiple stones, and my issues. I was given some pain meds and told that it had already passed through my system and told to go home. After this having happens four times to me, I decided that their has to be more to this, I found tons of videos. Some of which I will include below, but if you are not so interested in health then maybe it’s not for you. 

I also watched this video, this video and it’s followers discuss how the speaker had bad experiences eating vegetables and it resulted in the kidney stones.

When I did my research I found that the biggest cause of kidney stones is oxalates, oxalates are a compound formed in the body and 20 – 40% of the compound is derived from plant sources. The above video was explaining that vegetables are not your friends. My issue with this is that it is one sided, spinach which has been studied and found to have a high dose of oxalates is the cause. The women doing the video also mentions having a huge box of spinach every two days. That does not mean all vegetables are bad. As a researcher I really don’t see the logic there, she did not use the same logic when it came to animal products. For example, there are a lot of animals that can have extreme effects on the human body but people still eat it. Check out the video below.

Some are extreme like frogs, and the argument may come in well I don’t eat frogs but there are fish and other seafood also in that category. For me something that I always try and do when I do research is keep an open mind and keep researching without letting a personal bias cloud my judgment. You can’t let the first finding you have to sway you in one direction. Saturation is something that I want to discuss in more detail in an upcoming post but basically it’s when you find multiple sources indicating the same thing. In this scenario yes multiple sources claimed that about spinach and moving forward I am not going to be consuming spinach because of the possible effects it may have in creating more oxalates in my system but using a finding to ilicity confirmation bias on an entire grouping structure can be to your detriment as a researcher and above all else we need to be unbiased and scientific about our findings. Happy researching until next time!

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