Day#338: The Gaming experience

Day#338: The Gaming experience

Hey Researchers today I wanted to discuss my experiences in the gaming space, I am an avid gamer. I didn’t so much grow up with games, having a mother who was a teacher meant I had more books than I could read but the concept of games still had the mental model of being time wasters in my parents home. As an adult I game everyday, I spend maybe one or two hours every day gaming, and I thoroughly enjoy it. My partner and I game together, and it is also a nice time for us to spend time together doing something we both enjoy. Today I wanted to discuss some interesting patterns I have picked up on in gaming, to note before we go any further I am not a gamer that plays a variety of games. I play Counter Strike Go, I was younger I played role playing games like Diablo and two person fighter games, as well as the odd campaign. Counter Strike has really been my favourite though, and I have enjoyed getting better and better at it. 

Something that is interesting is the language used in the game, the game has a very aggressive context and it shows in the nature of the players as well as the language used. For example when a team wins a round it’s normal to have the winning team communicates “GG EZ” This stands for Good Game, Easy round basically and is often done to infuriate the other losing side. Internally within the team there are other power dynamics at play, there is a leaderboard which both teams can see each players amount of kills etc. What this allows for is a hierarchy, hierarchy is a natural grouping structure that we as people have used for a very long time. It’s how we establish the pecking order, and within the game it is no different. The individual with the most kills is often the one that helps the rest of the team when they are in a fix, for the duration of that game you are the alpha and you can define the culture of the team. What I have noticed is that you get some “top fraggers” these are the guys at the top of the leaderboard, that keep pushing the team forward and keep helping. You get others who start berating the rest of the team when they play badly. This defines good and bad leadership to me, and yes it is pretty basic because you are not getting to do deep leadership skills with the team, but it becomes evident very quickly that the game can affect people differently as well. Sometimes you get people who already state they are playing badly, mean while they are playing pretty good these are players trying to downplay their skills and hoping to not have a standard to live up to. You get team members wanting to know the others ranks, as the game also provides you with a holistic rank outside that specific game, but synonymous with your skill group with regards to the games you played in general. The need to know ranks again helps with understanding what each member will provide and relating slightly to the pecking order, what is interesting though, is that during the game you don’t know other team members ranks, and primarily during the game it is simply based on your kills for that game that defines your place in the pecking order. 

After reading all the above you are maybe thinking why on earth do I play this game in this toxic environment, well I absolutely 100% love it. It is the ultimate display of skills and the ability to strategically outsmart your opponent. I have also played the game Starcraft and that also seems like an amazing high strategy based game. However to be honest it is so much to learn for me right now, and I am enjoying being in my familiar gaming ecosystem. I have often said it would be really interesting to work on gaming projects and run research to understand user behaviour and gaming in general. Maybe that will be in store for me in the future, probably not here in South Africa, because we don’t really have a lot of companies doing work like that. Until next time, happy researching!

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