Day#342: Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Day#342: Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Hey Researchers, today I wanted to discuss Imposter Syndrome, it has been discussed vastly in lots of situations both professionally and privately. The video below discusses how even in relationships people have Imposter Syndrome, and it helps keep a relationship lasting longer when both parties feel like imposters and that the other is “too good for them” This probably fuels them to try harder at making the relationship work, because they may to an extent not think they can do better.. In the professional context Uxers may feel this too. Check out the video below for more information on Mike Cannon Brookes journey of feeling Imposter Syndrome. 

So I think my situation is a perfect example of how Imposter Syndrome can fester, for example if I had gone to university for research and then got a job I may not have felt it as strongly because I had studied to do x for a long period of time. However in my situation I studied multimedia, and then did a variety of short courses on UX and Research to get into the UX Research space. Growing up with the idea of doing a degree and then getting into an industry was a common norm so that can also influence one’s level of feeling Imposter Syndrome. However with UX Research being such a relatively new industry with a lot of short courses available, there are a lot of individuals who are transitioning. Transitioning is another area where people can potentially feel imposter syndrome. So how can one combat these feelings of self doubt, which can lead to poor decision making and stress over all. Well practising a lot, this is how I dealt with my feelings of stress and concern of being incompetetant. I also worked on understanding why I would be negative towards myself and understood that there were deeper issues that needed resolving. If you struggle with Imposter Syndrome please also watch this video by Lou Solomon who discusses her feeling of Imposter Syndrome and how she solved it over the years.  

I hope that if you have the issue of Imposter Syndrome that you deal with the negativity, don’t let negative thoughts control your future whether it be professionally or in your private life. Happy researching until next time. 

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