Day#346: Statistics for Research and Design Course

Day#346: Statistics for Research and Design Course

Hey Researchers today I wanted to take you through my process of choosing a course and a little bit about my thoughts behind doing online courses. So firstly I am a big advocate of learning, I have done many many courses on the Interaction Design Foundation they have wonderful courses on UX, UI and Research. I obviously focused more on the research side, and I will be doing a UX Management course soon on the platform as well. If you use my link provided you will get 3 months off your membership so do give the site a try, they have a variety of courses for a one time fee which I think is very valuable for what you get. I will be doing as many courses through Interaction Design Foundation as I can, and I look forward to sharing those with you on Podcast which is my next adventure. I think what is important when doing courses is understanding your desire for wanting to do the course. For me what works is setting goals like “I will complete 1 course every two months” for example and on a micro level, that I will work towards that high level goal by dedicating 1 hour everyday to learning. 

You get people who go all in and will prefer to dedicate hours on one day and then have the weekend for social engagements etc. but I prefer being consistent about my self improvement and find enjoyment in building a routine. When I choose a course i really make sure that it will better my future career prospects by me investing my time into it. I take notes of the course and often have separate files with all my notes in case I ever want to go back. It sounds systematic but if I had to be honest the notes part is sometimes where I fall short on The Interaction Design Foundation. I think that is because I know I always have access to the platform and all the content I have learnt. I tend to go back to specific part in the course instead of my notes at times. The title of this post is Statistics in Research and Design and that is because I have found another course through The University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg my hometown and am considering taking the course. The course is held every Saturday and honestly looks a little intimidating. The course is run by the Actuarial department which in itself is a little intimidating for me, I really want to do the course though, the content looks very interesting and i have been considering broadening my skill set to deal with larger data sets for the future. Instead of doing a 4 year degree in quantitative metrics and analysis I have decided to start with something like this to see if it something I can manage without wasting my time and money on the longer course. I know how I am though once I set my mind to it, I will probably achieve it so I am thinking very hard before deciding 100%. 

So how to prepare for this and curb my nerves before starting the course? Well I plan on sitting with the course material beforehand I plan on trying to understand all the content and reading as much on it before so that I am not stressed in between my work on how everything works. The course starts in February and i am not sure when they take registrations till, I think something else you should always consider is speaking with your employer and finding out if they would consider assisting you with financing the course. That is if the course relates to your career you are actually in, if it is far related don’t be offended when they seem to enthusiastic to help haha! You can check out The Wits short courses here, and the course I am interested in specifically here.

Who knows, maybe next time I speak about the course I would have done it already and sharing my little certificate.

Always learning and researching, bye for now.  

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