Day#347: Minimalism and how it helps me be a better Researcher

Day#347: Minimalism and how it helps me be a better Researcher

Hey Researchers if you have been around from the start I really thank you, this blog has changed so much over the past year and I have really started to understand my strengths and weaknesses by writing on a regular basis like this. I have become better at portraying my thoughts with words, and it has also really improved my reporting skills in relation to how I convey findings in a fluid and eloquent manner. For today I wanted to discuss minimalism and how it has helped me become a better researcher. Firstly to explain the concept of minimalism, this is a movement which I have adopted in most parts of my life. It is the act of having a simple life with only the things around you that are functional and necessary for your happiness. This can be a term misinterpreted by a lot of people for example buying clothing may make you happy and thus these people will overflow their cupboards with clothing. The concept of minimalism is understand moderation. There has been a lot of criticism of the movement in that it is something that only rich people can do, by affording products which are higher quality. However I feel when it comes to general lifestyle expenses there are a lot people can do to curb their spending without being extremely wealthy and practise a minimalist lifestyle. 

In relation to being a researcher I think having less fluff often makes for less time being concerned about the clutter. I have tried to practise minimalism in lots of other areas of my life from finance to workflow and productivity. Even my desk at work is sprarce and bare except for a few pens and paper for writing. Minimalism can be freeing and inspiring, I am even trying to utilize minimalism when it comes to speaking, that is not to say you don’t say anything. However I would like to be better known for a person who speaks with purpose, when running playbacks there is so much to go through and if you allow yourself to go off on a tangent you distract and waste the time of not only your attendees but your own time. 

Finally I practise minimalism in the work space when I am out conducting research. This has really helped me become a better listener and observer. From running usability tests to doing ethnographic research observing people, practising a more minimalist approach with talking less and watching and observing more has really helped me pick up on certain nuances that I was not picking up on when I was a junior. I’ll say one thing: I am not a minimalist when it comes to skin care, I absolutely love trying new brands and sometimes very expensive brands too. I am very structured in my daily routine and I look at it as something I am happy to spend extra money on because I enjoy trying new products and see it as a good investment in my skin. The reason why I mention this is because you don’t have to follow something to the tea if you feel you want to stray away in certain aspects. You live the life that is true and best for you, happy researching until next time. 

Bye for now 

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