Day#360: Good professional habits

Day#360: Good professional habits

Hey Researchers today I wanted to discuss healthy professional habits for the workplace. I think often it’s not just the straight out of university or high schoolers that are guilty of these mistakes but also people who have been working for a long time but have just not done enough introspection and self improvement to change their behaviour. I think understanding the type of person that you want to portray at work is so important, yes this can relate to your experience and maybe qualifications but what type of person do you think would thrive in the workplace. As I am typing this I have a lot to work on myself, and some things that I have already learnt to perfect. 

Don’t become the office gossip

I have worked with many people over the years and one of the most detrimental things you can do to your career is speak about others. I have noticed two types within this construct and that is people that actively like to hear the office gossip and those that don’t portray themselves as a gossip enthusiast lets call them haha! The latter are people who are known for speaking about co workers in a negative manner and with constant complaining. I have noticed that if these people are not complaining to you then you can bet you are the one they are complaining about. Stay away from being involved in this, it will only create friction amongst you and your colleagues, and have people feeling as if they can not trust you. With the work we do as researchers we need to exude calmness with our posture and character, almost as we understand the things people do but do not let it phase us. This can become difficult and I am not perfect at this either, just working on not becoming highly emotional about interactions. If you do have to vent about office issues, and let’s face it we all have to at times, do it with friends outside of the work context. If it is something that is extremely pertinent to your development and current role then bring it up with the person and if no success then follow up with management. 

Follow up emails

I have really benefited from this drastically in my career, and have mnade this a common practise based on past experience. Take this example you have a meeting with someone on the problem statement of the project, you then go back and work on the research plan and methodologies. That is a lot of work and when you present to the stakeholders, it comes up that you have totally missed the mark with the teams initial position on their questions and thoughts etc. Something like this can happen for a number of reasons, people simply forget what they may have said or something may have changed in that time and maybe you were not informed. Keeping direct consistent contact with the teams you work with is vital, and important for ensuring that everyone’s time is being used most effectively, including your own. Follow up emails can include action points and discussion guides and have a trail of where the next discussion will continue from. This then allows for people to go through and read the mail before the meeting, and not be thinking what was this meeting about again, and that they can’t remember where they left off on the previous meeting. 

Be on time, and stay organised

This may go without saying for a lot of people who have already mastered this but for me it took me a long time to develop a organised method of being productive. I have a few posts on staying productive and have even done a post on Deep Work a book by Cal Newport who discusses the importance of working without distractions. As well as how distractions result in you being less productive, and completing less. The concept of being on time is so important to a Researcher you could have sessions lined up, and being late could result in derailing your whole day. Apart from the actual schedule you taint the session by having your participant annoyed by having to wait for you, and you start off on a bad note. 

Maybe you have a list of completely different ones and find that those have helped you more than the few i have listed above. I am always keen on self improvement and will obviously be working on bettering my own professional habits for 2020. Until next time, happy researching!

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