Day#363: What is the future of UX Research in South Africa

Day#363: What is the future of UX Research in South Africa

Hey Researchers today I wanted to discuss the future of research and my thoughts on the topic. This is not governed by any research in particular and is obviously biased since I am a researcher. However I think it would be interesting to have this conversation with more and more people as the industry grows. I think the more short term is seeing research in more spaces. I see such specialized and unique roles in the UK, more specifically London. And would love to start seeing that level of specialization and appreciation for research in South Africa. South Africa is moving forward and there are lots of positions titled UX Designer, however those roles encompass wire framing and more design work, where as more specialized UX Researcher roles are hard to find and even harder to see roles that identify the actual functions of the role. 

Something else that I want to see some focus on is the types of research conducted, for example I think we are putting too much weight on a lab usability test which is a great method of course. However in the daily life of the user, they will never have such dedicated and quiet times for handling the journey with so many products. I recently read a very interesting article that discussed how you can understand the journey and then have simultaneous tasks for your user to complete. For example walking on a treadmill, and completing an onboarding journey to simulate a person actually walking around their home or workplace whilst using the product on their phone. This does not have to be the only task within a task idea, you could make a cup of coffee, or even find the bathrooms and do x at the same time. I often think of parents in these types of scenarios, and recently head on Hidden Brain a researcher talking about how parents have to give an extra 33 hours approximately to parenting. That is in between their full time jobs for a lot of parents, and even when they get home they then have other activities to do perhaps on their phone too.

I want to see more companies understanding the role of the Uxer, and not expecting a Uxer to be the common scapegoat for all things creative including copy, design and potentially development which is such a recipe for disaster. I also would love to start seeing more recruiters understanding the industry on a deeper level, by recruiting for a role and not understanding why it is not being filled. It is simply a lack of knowledge in the specific industry, I mean I get you may not be a specialized recruiter, but I think it could really help guide companies on how to structure their interviews and job specs when recruiters may have extra info. To end off I want to see more researchers in top positions, we understand the depth of having chief technical officer, and ofcourse CEO’s etc. However I want to see chief research officers, I want to see research being valued for the gold that it provides in decision making in organisations. I do think this will happen, and I look forward to seeing more of all this in 2020. Happy researching until next time

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