Day#364: Attend UX events!

Day#364: Attend UX events!

Hey Researchers today I wanted to share something I think a lot of people need to start doing more in 2020, and that is attending more UX and research events. Sadly there are not that many in my hometown, Johannesburg, South Africa. However that will be changing soon, dun dun DUN! Details will be announced on my Linkedin in time, and I am really excited to be moving the UX and Research space forward with these types of events. I will be working alongside an amazing woman who has really changed the UX space, and allowed us to connect in an environment outside of work. As for international events, wow I just see so many amazing events that I wish I could attend them all!

You can find information on the various conferences held all over the world here

There are even a few in South Africa, if you are based here so check it out and I hope you will attend at least one. I managed to connect with such interesting people at every one of these events that I went to. Even if you consider yourself more introverted, the actual content shared is amazing and inspiring to listen to. I would say for every level it is a great experience, I have also made some really wonderful industry friends through these events, and over time you talk about projects and share ideas on situations and learnings. For me those are the best kind of friendships, so if you do go I hope you will make lasting connections. 

If you are finding the cost of the tickets a little steep, I would say speak with your various companies. Most of the people I see at these events have been sponsored by their significant companies, and are there as a learning experience. Make sure to ask well in advance, and please do stay till the end. Many people look at it as a way to get out of work, but the wealth of knowledge you can get from some of the talks curated at these conferences is truly a valuable experience, and all lost because you want to get home early for one day. To end off if your company does not want to pay for you to attend, try take advantage of early bird tickets, and if that is still not at all an option then do go to the Meetup events instead or as well even though you may be attending the conferences. Meetup had a budding community in Cape Town when I was staying that side, and I am looking forward to growing that here in Johannesburg, the Meetup events are free, and often they provide snacks and drinks to make you comfortable for the one – 2 hour talks, workshops etc. Happy researching until next time.

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